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Stages of Ginseng Growth:

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Early May:
just emerging from ground

Early June:
leaves full size, no berries yet

first flowers

End June/Early July:
green berries

Mid July:
berries begin to turn red

ripe berries

how ginseng grows/looks in the wild

in senesance

Photo Gallery: Ginseng

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Original pictures of our ginseng: These images will open in a separate window. They are large, to supply you with the best detail. Please be patient, what you will see is well worth it!
Note: Images are of our Wild American Ginseng, the black ruler in some images is 12" (inches metric) = 30 cm.

• appx. 60-year-old root
• appx. 60-year-old, side view
• appx. 60-year-old close-up

• appx. 60-year-old on red background

• man root-appx 25-years-old
• man root, as above, showing more root
• man root, close up note: ruler is not fully shown in image

• appx. 40-year-old note: tool in image is 20 cm.

• beautiful ripe berries

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