We design many things from center pieces to wall hangings. Our products include rose garland, herbal oil, wreaths, baskets, and apple & orange garland.Also, fresh herbs and spices, Wild-Simulated American ginseng, and Vermont wild American ginseng. We use bittersweet vine found on our land to create wreaths which are then decorated with dried flowers. The dried flowers are also used in our baskets. We also create apple and orange garland and use special scents that freshen any room in the house. Our designs are completely original. Some are sophisticated, some are pretty with a delicate scent...but all are breathtaking.

Our favorite scent is jasmine. We apply it to some of our products and to the rose garland. When we are at shows the jasmine attracts people to us!

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Photo Gallery: Dried Flowers

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•Dried roses in white basket
•Eucalyptus and roses

•Wheat & eucalyptus

•Straw flowers in wicker

•Two arrangements in "different" baskets

•One example is in the above picture
•Heart-shaped wreath with one DOZEN roses

Other Designs:
•Very unique